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Reishi MycoNutri


Combined concentrated hot water and ethanolic extracts. Contains 30% polysaccharides and 3% triterpenes (ganoderic and lucidenic acids).

£14.95 - 60 x 400mg vegetarian capsules

Together with high levels of polysaccharides, Reishi contains over 100 triterpenoid compounds (ganoderic and lucidenic acids) found predominantly in the fruiting body.

Although Reishi is traditionally made into a tea (hot-water extract) these triterpenes are only poorly water soluble. However, they are highly soluble in ethanol (alcohol) and so MycoNutri Reishi combines hot-water (polysaccharide rich) and ethanolic extracts of log-grown (Duan Wood) Ganoderma lucidum to deliver high levels of both polysaccharides and triterpenes.