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Lung Herbal Tonic 1


Lung Herbal Tonic No.1

A traditional blend of herbs used to support the body in chesty coughs

Number 1 is for congested chesty symptoms that benefit from relaxing and soothing the irritated pectoral membranes, making sticky mucous viscous so that it can be expelled out of the lungs more easily and at the same time calming the cough reflex.   A lung tonic full of wonderful immune-supporting anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral and antibiotic plant principles to help speed healing from the symptoms of a chesty cough.  This tonic also helps induce the natural process of internal cleansing to speed recovery.

This traditional blend includes these herbs:  Angelica archangelica, Baptisia tinctoria, Echinacea purpurea, Glycrrhiza glabra, Hyssopus officinalis, Marrubium vulgare, Thymus vulgaris, Verbascum Thapsus.


Cautions: Long term use of liquorice should be avoided by people with high blood pressure.   Contains ethanol. Not suitable in pregnancy or breast feeding or for those under 12 years of age.