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Dr Sally's Chest Relief Tea


A soothing, loosening and aromatic herbs blend with thyme, marshmallow and liquorice.

Dr Sally Moorcroft is passionate about the power of nutrition and herbs to promote health.  She has created these unique herbal tea blends to nourish, cleanse and rebalance your body and mind.

Our teas use only the highest quality ingredients.  The power of nature to you, one delicious sip at a time....

100% Plant Based

Non- GMO

Professional grade 85% organic herbs

15 Bio-degradable temples


Common Thyme - eases expectoration, helps with dry cough, antibacterial activity, respiratory health.

Marshmallow root - soothing for mouth and throat, mild and softening for throat.

Hyssop - Relief in case of irritation of throat and pharynx.

Liquorice root - helps keep airways clear.

Plantain - soothing and pleasant effect on throat, pharynx and vocal cords.

Aniseed - soothing for mouth and throat

How we like it

1 temple per cup/ add boiling water, cover and infuse for 5 - 15 mins.  You can add honey to sweeten.

Contain liquorice - people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.