Other services from Orchard Barn

Alongside our own services we have a number of external practitioners offering services from Orchard Barn:

Sandra Bojen-Taylor - Integrative Psychotherapy and EMDR Trauma Work

Sandra’s ability to be genuine, providing knowledge and insight with care and integrity, comes with extensive experience and training. She works at a clients’ pace, offering reflections, insights and challenges in order to enable you to work through highly vulnerable feelings or memories in a safe way that does not re-traumatize you. She will assist you in balancing the day to day needs of managing your symptoms with the need to resolve the underlying root causes. You will leave having explored and dealt with your issues fully

Sandra is one of 4 therapists in the area trained in in EMDR and specialises in trauma and bereavement.

Please contact Sandra on 07843 683396 to enquire about an appointment.

Gong Baths with Sarah Jackson

Monthly check the events page for dates

The powerful and therapeutic gong space, or gong bath, named so because you are bathed in waves of sound and vibration to promote healing, stress relief, meditative states and deep relaxation. Working on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level; sound healing is health and harmony for the whole self

A 45 minute gong bath can be as beneficial as at least 4 hours sleep or deep rest

Gongs have been used for thousands of years for rites, rituals, celebrations, bringing communities together and for wellbeing. All you need do during a gong healing session is lie down and let sounds and vibrations wash over you, taking you out of your busy head space and into a relaxed state

Every gong session is unique, the gongs work with you for your needs.  

The gongs may help

Reduce feelings of anxiety and stress
Reduce pain  
Stimulate and improve the immune system
Relax and clear the mind
Reduce blood pressure and increase blood circulation
Lift mood and increase happiness
Promote good sleep
Bring us to a state of harmony and balance                                                                          

Personally gong healing is central to my own recovery and management of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome

If you would like more information, please contact thegong.space@outlook.com  


Stretch and Flourish Yoga with Sam
A gentle, inclusive and considerate approach to yoga.