Nutritional Therapy

Registered Nutritional Therapy


Our Nutritional Therapy team use the Functional Medicine model, which sees good nutrition and digestion as the foundation for health. Using an evidence and science-based model each patient is assessed as an individual and a personalised plan is created. The underlying ethos of our centre is based on food as medicine, and we are passionate about helping you to optimise your health through enjoying a nutritious and delicious diet.


It's not only what you eat that is important, our gut microbiome, genetics, lifestyle, and digestion is key to how we utilise the nutrients in our food and with our expert nutritional therapy practitioners you can get to the root of any digestive issues or health complaints. We use functional medicine testing from Genova, Invivo, LifeCodeDX and Regenerus and offer gut microbiome, SIBO, genetic, food allergy and nutritional status testing. Utilising dietary changes as our main form of nutritional therapy, Nathalie, Jane and Kate can also prescribe a personalised plan of nutritional supplements if needed to assist with treatments and these are available from our dispensary or onsite shop, or we are happy to support you in purchasing them elsewhere.

Based on our family farm and in the rural county of Lincolnshire we are passionate about food, farming and the connection to where our food comes from. We use science and detailed understanding of each patient’s medical history, genetics, biochemical and lifestyle factors to create a personalised treatment plan which suits your lifestyle and budget. Nathalie, Jane and Kate can support you through making these changes, one step at a time, helping you to gain a love of healthy eating and the energy and vibrancy it can bring.

Nathalie Gudgeon is a Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (RNTP) with Functional Medicine through IFM and Nutrigenetic training. She runs our gut, hormone and general nutritional therapy clinic.

Kate Knapik is a Registered Pharmacist and Naturopathic Nutritionist with Functional Medicine training. She runs our specialised naturopathic and nutritional therapy thyroid clinic.

Jane Rose Land is a Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (RNTP) with Functional Medicine through IFM. She has a special interest in metabolic syndrome, diabetes and cancer support and has trained at the Penny Brohn Cancer Centre.

They all work as part of our multi-disciplinary team


'Through my consultations with my practitioner and Nathalie I improved my overall diet and learnt so much about how diet relates to health. My symptoms quickly improved, with the itching, soreness and redness quickly reducing and after 6 months my skin inflammation had gone completely. I intend to always continue on my new food plan as I feel healthier, my gut health has improved with my indigestion and heartburn stopping and I have lost ½ stone in weight' SL


Initial Appointment 60 mins £165 plus tailored treatment plan, Follow Ups 45 mins £125

Gut Reset Programme £650 (3 x 60 mins nutritional appointments, tailored treatment plan and 15 mins phone call plus input from our Functional Medicine doctors)

These price does not include functional medicine testing, supplements or medication.


We work with clients all over the UK and internationally and offer in person and remote consultations.

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Nathalie Gudgeon

Nathalie is a BANT registered Nutritional Therapy practitioner with 10 years of experience and functional medicine training. She has completed the Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice ( AFMCP) UK training, is a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine and completed the Gastrointestinal;Environmental Health and Cardiometabolic APMs.

She ​is competent in understanding and interpreting DNA results and is certified as a Nutrigenetic counsellor (NgC).




Kate Knapik

Kate Knapik is a registered pharmacist and naturopathic nutritionist with functional medicine training. With 10 years experience as a community pharmacist, she also has a diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition, is a member of BANT, the General Naturopathic Council, College of Naturopathic Medicine and Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.
She has undergone training in functional medicine with the Kharrazian institute. Her area of special interest is Thyroid Health and she is part of the “The Thyroid Collective” a group of handpicked, registered naturopathic nutritional therapists created by “The Thyroid Expert” Jules Chandler and has her own thyroid story which inspired her to work in this area.