Health Coaching

Eloise Bell

Eloise is the NCIFMs Health Coach. 

Certified with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, accredited by the Institute of Functional Medicine, Eloise works with clients to change habits, behaviours and mindsets in order to improve their physical and mental health. Eloise works with clients to understand how they think, in order to support behaviour change. Eloise works with clients on sleep, movement, nutrition, stress, relaxation, and relationships to support our clinicians protocols and recommendations. 


Eloise spent 18 years in leadership development & business coaching for the likes of o2, Grant Thornton and Mind before deciding to use this skills in health and wellness coaching after spending a decade learning and enhancing her her own well-being. Eloise is particularly interested in the connection between physical health and mental health, and how to boost clients positive emotions to take great care of themselves and reach their full potential.


Eloise is registered with the UK Health Coach Association and is a proud member of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy Alumni programme.