Emotional and Mind

Emotions and Mind


Are you struggling with anxiety, low mood or feeling overwhelmed?

Are you worried, feeling stressed, tearful, suffering with poor sleep or insomnia, IBS symptoms, irritability or fatigue?

 We are passionate about supporting people of all ages with their emotional health and mind. From the food we eat, our lifestyles and how we manage stress and relationships in our lives, there is so much that can be done to balance our emotions and mind.

With our compassionate and expert team, we will listen to your story and then tailor and personalise an integrated and holistic plan to support you.

Taking a fully integrated approach we know that many aspects of our health and life affect our minds and emotions. From optimising our nutrition and gut microbiome, balancing hormones, identifying food sensitives, epigenetical modifications, optimising pain management, sleep, healing trauma and learning stress management techniques. Our mind and emotions are connected to so much.

Movement, journaling, mindfulness, nutrition, yoga, herbal medicines, health coaching, breathing exercises and acupuncture are just some of the many tools we use in our clinics to support our patients. We are experts in tailoring these to our patients and supporting them on their journey.

 We can guide you on what will help you most and fit with your budget. Using our personalised expert support we aim to help you to flourish and reconnect with your joyful and vibrant self.


We work with clients all over the UK and internationally and offer in person and remote consultations.

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