Hormone Health and Thyroid

Hormone Health and Thyroid


Do you struggle with hormonal imbalance?

We are passionate about women’s health and supporting women through each stage of their life. Using a personalised integrative and functional medicine approach we love to empower women to take back control of their body and mind and to flourish. Nutrition, movement, herbal and homeopathic medicines, acupuncture, mindfulness, holistic therapies and bio-identical hormone therapy are all used in our Hormone Health clinics.  

Symptoms such as PMT, mood swings, hot flushes, irregular periods, poor sleep, heavy or painful periods, migraines, fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, vaginal dryness, recurrent urine infections, low mood, libido and anxiety can all be related to thyroid and hormone imbalance.


Common conditions we see in our clinic are Menopause, Perimenopause, PCOS, Endometriosis, PMS, Irregular periods, Heavy and painful periods, Hormone related skin problems, Menstrual migraines, Hypo and hyperthyroidism and Male andropause


We are highly experienced in using functional medicine testing, including DUTCH; Comprehensive Thyroid Function testing and the gold standard Cyrex laboratory, which specialises in functional immunology and autoimmunity clinical testing. We use gold standard microbiome testing through Invivo Healthcare. They provide world-class advanced laboratory diagnostics in gut, vaginal and oral microbiome testing. In addition we work with Genova Diagnostics for Nutritional testing and LifeCode GX for genomics.

Using a personalised and tailored approach we address the root cause of your hormone imbalance as well as supporting you in managing and reducing symptoms - the root causes of hormone imbalance can often be linked to gut problems, stress, nutritional deficiencies, blood sugar imbalances, detoxification issues or epigenetic changes. We offer a unique integrative and functional approach to addressing these and work with you to create a plan supporting your body and mind as we know how debilitating hormone imbalances can be.

Dr Sally Moorcroft has over 10 years experience of working with the gut microbiome and hormone imbalance, and her gut healing programme was successfully filmed for Channel 4 How Healthy is your Gut. She is a national speaker on Women's Health and is one of the most highly trained Integrative and Functional Medicine doctors in the UK. She is the lead of our women’s health clinic and has 17 years experience in this area. She is trained in Bio-Identical Hormone therapy and Natural Dessicated Thyroid through the Marion Gluck Clinic, London the UK's leading hormone-balancing clinic that provides bioidentical HRT.


'Dr. Sally is an excellent doctor who is both professional and caring. She takes the time she needs to listen to concerns as

well as to inquire about issues to discern the root cause for things. She never makes me feel rushed and gives ample

thought and consideration to my health problems. As a woman, talking through the issues helps me to mentally process

the problems I am facing and talking is in itself a remedy of sorts. Dr. Sally is excellent at listening and I am very thankful

to have found her!' PM


Hormone/ BHRT appointment - for simple hormonal issues

Initial appointment 60 mins plus 15 mins phone call to discuss results and tailored treatment plan - £320

Follow ups 30 mins - £160

Functional Medicine appointment - for complex hormonal issues

Initial Appointment 75 mins with 15 mins phone call to discuss results and tailored treatment plan - £600
Follow Up Appointment 60 mins - £350


Kate Knapik, our pharmacist, naturopathic and functional nutritionist runs our thyroid clinic. She is part of the “The Thyroid Collective” a group of handpicked, registered naturopathic nutritional therapists created by “The Thyroid Expert” Jules Chandler and has her own thyroid story which inspired her to work in this area.

Initial appointments 60 mins £165, Follow Up 45 mins £125.

Laura Cox is our medical herbalist, she is highly experienced in using herbal medicines and nutrition for emotional issues such as anxiety, depression and to ease hormone imbalance including menopause, PMT, menstrual migraines, hormone related skin problems, thrush and symptoms such as hot flushes, poor sleep, brain fog, fatigue, mood swings and recurrent infections.

Initial appointments and Follow Up with prices depending on your health needs.


These prices do not include functional medicine testing, supplements or medication. 


We work with clients all over the UK and internationally and offer in person and remote consultations.

In-person appointments with Dr Sally Moorcroft are available at NCIFM, Orchard Barn Clinic, Lincolnshire and Chapel Yard Organics, Holt, Norfolk.


(Coming Soon) A Functional Medicine Approach to Menopause Group Sessions - covering how to balance hormones and support perimenopause and menopause using nutrition, lifestyle and holistic medicine. The science behind hormone balance and how stress effects hormones and the benefits and issues of using HRT and BHRT. With our health coach, nutrition team and Dr Sally Moorcroft these group sessions will work with you to educate and support you. Please email becky@orchardbarn.co.uk to find out more.


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Dr Sally Moorcroft - Clinical Lead & Director

Dr. Moorcroft is a highly qualified medical doctor with 20 years of clinical experience, specialising in functional and integrative medicine. One of the most highly trained Integrative and Functional Medicine doctors in the UK, she is also a Tutor at the National Centre of Integrated Medicine in Bristol.

Combining functional and nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy and bio-identical hormone therapy in her clinic. She has a special interest in women's health, menopause, gut health and psychology.

Dr. Sally invites patients into a warm, welcoming and empathetic clinical environment to discuss their needs. Working with you to produce a highly tailored individual treatment plan with personalised on-going monitoring and care.

Her qualifications include a BSc (Hons) in Herbal Medicine, Medical Homeopathy (MFHom) through the National Centre for Integrative Medicine, Bristol. She is also trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Acupuncture and Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy/ Natural Dessicated Thyroid at the Marion Gluck Clinic, London.

Dr Moorcroft is passionate about using a personalised, holistic and root cause approach. Highly skilled in using herbal medicine in women’s health, from a phytotherapy and TCM approach, she has studied with Hananja Brice-Ytsma and Dedj Lebbrandt. She is also a graduate of the AFMCP (Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice) and is currently working on IFM certification. GMC Registered with membership of the Institute of Functional Medicine, College of Phytotherapy, College of Medicine, British Menopause Society and Faculty of Homeopathy.

She writes for magazines with articles featuring in Woman and Home; Natural Health; Health and Wellbeing and many online national magazines, blogs and podcasts. Lecturing nationally on integrative health, Dr. Sally has also appeared on Health Radio UK and is a medical expert for BeYou.


'I have complete confidence in Dr. Moorcroft. Her advice and treatment have helped me considerably in managing complex and permanent health issues. She is a person of the highest integrity, both caring and highly competent. I cannot commend her too highly' FG



MBChB Leicester University 1998

NHS Hospital doctor 1998-2001

BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine (Scottish School of Herbal Medicine, Glasgow) 2004

ITEC Aromatherapy 2004

CoBC Medical Acupuncture (British Medical Acupuncture Society) 2014

MFHom Medical Homeopathy (National Centre for Integrative Medicine NCIM, Bristol) 2017

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Level 1 and 2 ,Marion Gluck Academy, London 2016 - 2017

AFMCP (Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice), IFM London, UK 2018



Herbal Medicine in Cancer Care seminar programme with Chancel Cabrera 2006

Whipp’s Cross Herbal Medicine Dermatology Clinic placement, Whipp’s Cross Hospital, London 2008

CPD Functional Nutrition Training with Lorraine Nicolls, Royal Society of Medicine, London 2006-2018

Mentorship in Homeopathy with Dr Charles Innes 2012-2019

Herbal Medicine use in Cancer Care CPD programme with Dr Chris Etheridge 2012/2019

10 month course in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) with Dedj Lebbrandt 2013

IFM Hormone Advanced Practice Module 2019

SIBO Training with Tanya Borowski and Tracey Randell 2019

Graduate of the Hoffman Process 2019

Emotional Resilience Training with Dr Chris Johnstone 2020

Functional Herbal COVID therapy and Post-Viral Syndrome Training, Mills and Bone Herbal Medicine Academy 2020

IFM Resistance, Resilience, and Recovery: Patient Care in a Pandemic Training 2020

IFM Immune, GI and Environmental Health Advanced Practice Modules 2021

IFM Cardiometabolic Advanced Practice Module 2022

Principles and Practice of Menopause Care, British Menopause Society March 2022

IFM Bioenergetics Advanced Practice Module 2022

Dr Sally Moorcroft regularly attends conferences nationally and keeps up to date in all areas of her practice, completing between 50-150 hours of CPD a year. She is currently working on IFM certification.



Lecturer and Course Lead - Hull and York Medical School Student Selected Component in Complementary Medicine 2006-2010

Guest Lecturer in Integrative Medicine at Hull and York Medical School 2006-2018

Clinic Supervisor and Lecturer – BSc Herbal Medicine, Lincoln College 2014-2018

Tutor in Herbal Medicine, Diploma of Integrative Medicine, National Centre of Integrative Medicine NCIM Bristol 2017- to date

Guest Lecturer on Open Clinical Days at NCIM, Bristol 2017- to date

Core Tutor, Diploma of Integrative Medicine, National Centre for Integrative Medicine, NCIM Bristol 2021 – to date

Whole-person Health Committee Advisor, Integrative and Personalised Medicine Conference, London 2022



Integrative Medicine Doctor for Platinum Healing Retreats 2016-2017



Regular Talks on Integrative Cancer care for Breast Cancer Support Groups 2006- to date

Regular speaker on Integrative and Functional Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Women's Health and Gut Health for Orchard Barn Health and in Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire.

Managing Stress and building resilience for a healthy heart using Herbal Medicine Open Clinical Day at the National Centre for Integrative Medicine, Bristol Sept 2017

Herbal medicine for common women’s health issue Open Clinical Day at the National Centre for Integrative Medicine, Bristol May 2019

Supplements and Natural Compounds in Cancer Care Yes to Life. Your Life and Cancer Conference Oct 2020

Case presentation on Gut, Nutrition and Microbiome European Congress of Integrative Medicine Nov 2021

Mistletoe Therapy - standard cancer treatment in many European countries Yes to Life. Your Life and Cancer Conference Feb 2022

Integrative Approaches to Pregnancy and Birth Open Clinical Day at the National Centre for Integrative Medicine, Bristol March 2022

Hope and optimism- why the future looks bright for Integrative Medicine Botanica 22 Conference May 2022

An Integrated Approach to Endometriosis Integrative and Personalised Medicine Conference, London June 2022



Pilot trail in conjunction with the NHS and Alzheimers UK. Reducing the Use of Antipsychotic Medication in Dementia Care. To evaluate the effectiveness of using Aromatherapy to treat BPSD (Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia) 2014



Institute of Functional Medicine

College of Phytotherapy

Faculty of Homeopathy

College of Medicine

British Menopause Society



Filming for Channel 4 How Healthy is Your Gut? 2019

Yes to Life, Health Radio UK 2019

Woman and Home magazine – expert content on women’s health 2019


Medic Footprints – A Career Guide to Functional and Integrative Medicine 2020


Nutritank – Blog Content and Podcast 2020



Herbal Medicine and Menopause podcast - Dr Fiona Scheider, Bright Star coaching and Menopause Support July 2021


Menopause Expert Blog, Fluxstate, Menopause Support Forum 2021- to date

Medical expert for BeYou women’s health products 2021 – to date




Co-director and co-founder of First You, not for profit company providing mental health resources for healthcare professionals 2020- to date


Yes to Life charity - Medical Supporter

Nutritank – Medical Supporter



Awarded Integrative Medicine Practitioner of the Year, Lincolnshire 2019