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Menopausal Mood Swings

The most common health problems I see in my clinic are conditions related to menopausal changes. Although many women sail through this time of life, a lot of women really suffer. I truly welcome the current discussion in the media about menopause and how it affects women as it can still be an incredibly taboo and hidden problem. It can affect not only the woman herself, but her partner and family and workplace, and can be incredibly stressful for all involved. Although most people are aware of the classic hot flushes and night sweats, it is often the mood swings and emotional changes that many women find most difficult. Think of PMT all the time, but often worse… yes, it can be pretty overwhelming. Feeling angry, irritable, tearful, overwhelmed, with memory loss, lack of focus and concentration, life can be very hard. Women also often report feeing super sensitive or emotional, low and anxious; and very often have a feeling of just not being able to cope with tasks and activities which have been second nature to them. Many women truly think they are going mad…… I have found many different approaches helpful in assisting women through this time of life, and tend to take a very tailored approach in clinic but there are many super simple tips which can help and I thought it might be good to share some of these. Firstly remember to keep blood sugar levels balanced, my number one advice for any emotional highs and lows – that means cutting out the sugars, keeping fruit to 2-3 portions a day and keeping alcohol to a minimum. Secondly, do regular exercise - yoga, swimming or walking are ideal – aim for 30 mins x3/ week. Thirdly – add in a daily meditation - this is a fantastic way to gain balance in your moods, try the fabulous app for a wonderful resource. As my time approaches I am gathering more and more information from studying, my patients and friends and I know there are so many options and help that can be gained that no one needs to suffer in silence. Next week….. Healthy Cheats - Making it easy ….
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