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Body Confidence Course - Nutritional Workshop

We are now halfway through our body confidence course and have received some lovely feedback. It is really making a difference in some major ways to the students lives. The course covers all aspects of optimising health and wellbeing, with a focus on healthy mindset and healthy habits towards food, as well as covering movement. The key being to make manageable and sustainable changes to your routine and habits, to help enable you to become a happier, healthier, svelter you. This week was nutrition and Alison did a fantastic cooking demo — healthy food which is quick and easy and tastes amazing. The recipes were: Overnight Soaked Oats — the key tips were to include nuts to balance blood sugars and bananas for gut health. Tahini Chocolate Balls - these delicious little balls are just perfect when you are craving a sweet treat or as a dessert, perfect to keep in the fridge or freezer. Courgette & Feta Fritters Recipe below — with the courgette season starting this is a really quick and easy meal option, they take 10-15 mins are quick and simple to create and you can eat hot or cold, so take for lunch or eat with some sweet potato wedges and a salad as an evening meal. The star finds for me was the Farinata with rosemary and olive oil — so few ingredients and such a versatile dish. This is a fantastic gluten-free pizza base or gluten-free alternative to garlic bread. Gram Flour, Water, Olive Oil and Baking Powder with your own choice of toppings. Alison topped simply with rosemary and salt, again a great healthy meal option which takes around 10 minutes to prepare and cook. We finished the session with a smoothie — beetroot, berries, ginger, chia seeds, tigernut butter and almond milk — which again is another fantastic breakfast option. Alison's top tips for this was to ensure you chew to activate digestion, so even when having a smoothie ensure you chew! A really inspiring evening with Alison, and we all got to try the food at the end. We will be running another body confidence course soon so keep an eye on our events page for dates. Courgette Fritters 4 courgettes (approx. 750g / 1¾lb) 6 spring onions (finely chopped) 250 grams feta cheese 1 small bunch fresh parsley (chopped) 1 small bunch fresh mint (chopped (plus extra to sprinkle over at the end)) 1 tablespoon dried mint 1 teaspoon paprika 140 grams plain flour salt pepper 3 large eggs (beaten) olive oil (for frying) 4 limes METHOD Coarsely grate the courgettes with either the grating blade in the processor or by hand. Spread the little shards out on a tea towel and leave for about 20 minutes to get rid of any excess wetness. Put the chopped spring onions in a bowl and crumble in the feta. Stir in the chopped parsley and mint, along with the dried mint and paprika. Add the flour and season well with salt and pepper. Gradually add the beaten egg and mix thoroughly before stirring in the drained, grated courgettes. Don't be alarmed by the unflowing straggly lumpiness of this batter; it's meant to be this way. Heat a few tablespoons of oil in a large frying pan and drop heaped dessertspoons of the mixture into the hot oil, flattening the little cakes down with the back of the spoon as you go. Cook these little patties for about 2 minutes each side until golden, and then transfer to a couple of waiting plates. Chop up the limes and tumble them about the edges of the plates. Sprinkle over a little more chopped mint and eat them just as they are, spritzed with lime juice as you go.
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