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Every aspect of health, diet, and overall lifestyle is considered when giving nutrition recommendations

Functional Nutrition at Orchard Barn Health


Dr. Sally's Teas and Tonics

From cooling tea to help ease hot flushes to immune support tonic's, we have a wide range of products designed to support your health and wellbeing.

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Dr Hauschka at Orchard Barn Health

Sit back, relax and enjoy these beautiful treatments with certified natural and organic products, directly from the Dr. Hauschka's biodynamic medicinal herb garden.

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Holistic Therapies

Caring for the mind, body and spirit, we provide a calming and relaxing experience within our Orchard Barn Health Spa

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Integrative & Functional Medicine Approach

At Orchard Barn Health we believe in using an Integrative and Functional medicine approach. By combining the very best of conventional, lifestyle and complementary medicine.

By using this personalised whole-body approach to medicine we connect the dots between the symptoms you are feeling and the underlying causes.

At Orchard Barn Your Health Matters


Our Integrative Health Centre includes a full range of services to support your health journey.

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Orchard Barn Health Dispensary

We have a full onsite herbal and homeopathic dispensary.

Resources and Tools

  • Why is water essential?
    March 31, 2021 Helen Moorcroft

    Why is water essential?

    Well, most of your body weight is water and it is involved in many important body functions including body temperature, digestion and thinking. We do get a little water from the food we eat, perhaps up to about 20% of...

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  • Immune health from a yoga perspective:  
    January 27, 2021 Helen Moorcroft

    Immune health from a yoga perspective:  

    1.  The breath and breathing are fundamental to immunity as it soothes the stress response.  The stress response causes an increase in cortisol and adrenalin in the body which impedes many of our systems sidelining them into being ready for...

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